Hotel rooms have been reserved and guaranteed for the athletes attending Provincials. Each team is assigned five rooms at the Pomeroy Inn and Suites. The hotel provides an excellent continental breakfast included with your stay.

Once your team has successfully qualified for Provincials, email and the five rooms under your zone name will be released. It is then up to you to confirm your rooms. All unused rooms will be released to the general public at noon on Monday, November 21st.

For further information on accommodations, please view the attached document.

Team Zone Conf. N. of Rooms Hotel
North Central 49835 5 PIS
Central 49836 5 PIS
South (Wildcard) 49837 5 PIS
North West (Wildcard) 49838 5 PIS
Edmonton (Wildcard) 49839 5 PIS
North East 49842 3 PIS
North East 49840 2 PIS
Calgary - 5 PIS
North West 5180-5184 5 HOTELLO
South Central 5185-89 5 HOTELLO
South 5170-74 5 HOTELLO
Edmonton 5175-5179 5 HOTELLO
Refs 49843 5 PIS
Total of Rooms 60