Emergency Action Plan


North West Health Centre
11202 100 Ave, High Level, AB T0H 1Z0

High Level Public School 9701 - 105th Ave 780-926-3706
1) AED is located on the wall immediately outside the main entrance to the gymnasium. First aid kit and ice available in gym offices.
2) Cell phone at the score table. Landline inside the main gym office on the desk.
3) Ambulance 9-1-1.
4) Enter the main gym door of school from the main parking lot (by flag pole). The gym is located immediately through these doors
5) See attached google maps for the best route to the hospital.

When an injury occurs:
1) Take control of the situation. Exercise universal precaution related to blood/body fluids.
2) Do not move the student if they cannot move. Do not remove uniform unless deemed necessary.
3) Assess and evaluate the severity of the situation and decide if further assistance is required
4) If an ambulance is required, then determine the action required to remove the athlete from the playing surface.
5) If an ambulance is called: direct one person to call the ambulance and give the pertinent information to them. Include location, address, and extent of the injury. Ask the person to report back with an ETA.
6) Remain with injured student and address any concerns they have while awaiting medical attention.
7) Do not give food or drink to an injured athlete unless required because of existing medical conditions (ex. Diabetes).
8) Stay calm and reassuring.
9) Once the ambulance arrives you must explain the situation and what has been done for the injured athlete.
10) Designate an adult to accompany the injured athlete to the hospital.
11) Parent/guardians of the injured athlete should be contacted as soon as possible following the injury.
12) Complete the attached incident/accident report form and return it to the tournament organizer/administration.

1) Call Ambulance or Fire Department 9-1-1.
2) High-Level Public School 9701 105 ave (in the gym).
3) Indicate the location and nature of the injury.
4) Report to coach/Administrator.
5) Meet Ambulance.
6) Map of school location to hospital & Accident report form.