Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan
ASAA Provincial Rugby Championships
June 7-8 at the North Lethbridge Sports Park

Please follow and respect the policies and procedures of this Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Emergency situations may arise at anytime during athletic events. Expedient action must be taken in order to provide the best possible care to the athletes of emergency and/or life threatening conditions. If a serious injury occurs, time becomes critical. Subsequently, the implementation of this EAP must be adhered to when in an emergency situation. A laminated copy of this EAP will be at the medical tent, each score table, concession and main control tent.

Charge Person (Friday 8:00AM to 2:00PM): Morgan Day
Charge Person (Friday 2:00M to 8:00PM): Aaron Fitchett
Charge Person (Saturday 8:00AM to 1:00PM): Tracy Wong
Charge Person (Saturday 1:00PM to 6:00PM): Carey Rowntree

These pre-designated individuals will be responsible for managing and coordinating the emergency situation. One of these people (along with the Southern Alberta Sports Therapy Services Staff attending to the emergency) will activate the Emergency Action Plan when deemed necessary.

  • If an ambulance and paramedics are required the Person in Charge will notify the Call Person to call 911 if this has not already been done.
  • This person will take control of an emergency situation until a medical authority arrives.
  • This person will determine when it is safe to resume play OR if the game needs to be delayed in consultation with the Head Referee.

Call Person: Head Coach of each match for their respective team.
This person is appointed prior to the game by the head referee. This individual will be required to activate the emergency system by calling 911 and informing the dispatcher of the nature of the medical emergency with the following information:

  • Lethbridge Sports Park in North Lethbridge at 28th Street and 30th Ave, North
  • Enter at the NORTH ENTRANCE.
  • The EMS will be met at the gate by a designated guide (WCHS Staff Member at the North Gate) to escort the EMS personnel to the injured athlete via the emergency entrance.
  • Stay in constant communication with the medical provider; the Person in Charge and the 911 dispatch
  • The Call Person will report back to the Charge Person that EMS has been dispatched and provide an estimated time of arrival.

Control Person: Head Referee responsible for each match
This person is appointed prior to the game or practice. This individual is expected to keep the crowd away from the injured player/person and be in control of the situation.

  • Control Person (Head Referee-1; Assistant Referees-2) is responsible for controlling the crowd and other participants.
  • A SASTS Staff will attend all on field injury emergencies and will have “medical” final say until the injured person(s) have been officially transferred to EMS staff.
  • After the area is secured and controlled, they will act as the guide for emergency personnel from the City of Lethbridge while on the rugby playing surface.
  • In consultation with the Person in Charge the continuation of play will be determined.

Emergency Telephone Numbers and Addresses:

Lethbridge Regional Hospital - 960 - 19th Street, South
Ambulance, Police and Fire Department: 911

Lethbridge is a 911 zone