Red Deer College:

  • As a result of the construction at the Red Deer College, parking space is very limited. Buses can drop off athletes at the front doors of the College and then proceed across the street and park by Westpark Middle School. Maps will be available at the the coaches meeting.
  • All parking at Red Deer College is paid parking.

Lindsay Thurber and Gateway:

  • During school hours, buses may drop off only in the bus lane directly in front of the school. Buses that are parking must use the lane at the north end of the building.
  • After school hours (4pm and later) busses may park in the bus lane
  • Overflow parking will be available in the gravel lot, directly north/west of Thurber (behind of the Memorial Center) for both Lindsay Thurber and Gateway.
  • For opening cereninues, buses may park on both sides of the bus lane as well as on the north end of the school.