Criteria for Team and Individual Sportsmanship Awards

Cheers for good players and good plays, even by opponents

Does not display a temper
Invites all others to participate
Changes players on teams to keep the game fair (coaches/assistant coaches)
Accepts winning and losing with grace

4 Cheers teammates’ great plays
Maintains self-control
Encourages friends on team
Works hard for self and team
3 Encourages teammates
Takes unfair advantage of other players
Plays well when on winning team and while being observed
Controls temper
Complains about others following the rules
2 Bends the rules to suit own needs
Complains about others following the rules
Displays frustration and anger; mild temper exhibited
1 Physical and verbal abuse to oppostion, teammates, officials, and/or fans
Nags teammates when they perform poorly
Complains (about calls, other players, coach)
Concern for self; e.g., ball-hog