Information for Hosting a Provincial Championship

Procedure for Bidding to Host ASAA Provincial Competitions

A. Deadline

1. Bids for spring sports for 2025 (badminton, basketball, cheerleading, curling, rugby, team handball, wrestling) will be reviewed and voted on at the 2023 Annual Planning Meeting (APM). The deadline for bids prior to this meeting is November 1.
2. Bids for fall sports 2025 (golf, cross country and volleyball) will be reviewed and voted on at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in June 2024. The deadline for bids prior to this meeting is April 1.
3. Submit bids to both the ASAA and the Zone.
4. If there is more than one bid from a Zone, the Zone will inform the ASAA office of their choice immediately following their respective Zone meeting.
5. Bids will only be considered and voted on one year at a time.
6. A bid form must still be submitted for events that are in rotation.

B. Executive Committee Review

1. All bids received by the deadline will be reviewed by the ASAA Executive at a meeting prior to the APM or AGM as appropriate. The ASAA will work with bid applicants to ensure bids are complete.
2. The Executive will either accept or reject applications. Accepted applications will be forwarded to the ASAA Board for ratification at the appropriate meeting (APM or AGM).

C. Board Review & Acceptance

1. If the Board has no concerns with bid applications accepted by the Executive, those championships with only one bid by the respective deadline will win the right to host by acclamation and no presentation by the host is required.
2. In those championships where more than one acceptable bid application has been received, a written ballot of the Board will determine the winning bid following a five-minute presentation. Note: AV Presentation can be powerpoint or video; the 5 minute timeline will be strictly observed.
3. Commissioners and the Executive Committee cannot speak to support a particular bid but may speak to address concerns they may have about the ability of a school to host a particular provincial championship.

D. Bids from the Floor will not be accepted.

E. Vacant Bids After the APM or AGM

If there are vacant bids following the APM or AGM the Executive Committee will seek potential hosts via zone secretaries or other means and will review applications at a subsequent Executive meeting. At that point, the Executive Committee may accept a bid without approval of the Board, provided they feel the bid applicant has the submitted the bid through their zone, and has the ability to successfully host provincials. If more than one bid is received, the schools bidding have the option to submit a 5 minute AV presentation as noted in C above.

Succesful Bids

Successful bids will be published under the Successful Bids tab. It will be accompanied by the school and zone that has been granted the specific championship.