Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan for Holy Redeemer High School
2A Boys Basketball Provincials 2017


A telephone is located in the main Physical Education Office, on the desk. This phone can be used in case of an emergency. Another phone is located right outside the main gym doors beside the school’s main office.


  • AED located outside of the gymnasium
  • Fire extinguishers are located inside the main school doors, in the gym, in the hallway across from gym entrance by the microwave.
  • First Aid kits are located in the gym, and in the main office.

NOTE: Fire exits, emergency equipment, and phones are shown on the school map.


Co-Chairperson - Laura Webb
780-712-9322 (cell)
4912-12 AVE Edson, AB
Co-Chairperson - Mike McAndrews
780-712-9253 (cell)
4912-12 AVE Edson, AB
Principal - Bill McGowan
780-723-7437 (school)
4912-12 AVE Edson, AB
115 55 ST Edson, AB
Fire Department
4835 6 AVE Edson, AB
Health Link Alberta
Edson Medical Center
616 50 ST Edson, AB
Edson Healthcare Center
3837 6 AVE Edson, AB

Emergency Access Routes:


Primary Entrance
Park in front access (drop off lane) parallel to visitor parking. Building access is at the east side entrance by the home team change room.
Secondary Entrance
Park in the fire lane (drop off lane) in front of the school.


Park in fire lane (drop off lane, parallel to visitor parking) in front of the school.
Fire Exits:
Exit the building through the marked exit shown on the map in consideration of your current location.


Charge Person - Team Coaches
Call Person - Assistant Coaches or person from Host Team
Control Person - Assistant Coaches or person from Host Team
Gopher - Whomever is chosen


  1. Assess situation
  2. Immediate Care of the injured or ill athlete from the Charge Person (Coach)
  3. Emergency equipment retrieval (Gopher)
  4. Activating the EMS (Call Person)
    1. Making the call: Dial “911” (Provide name, address, telephone number, number of individuals injured, condition of injured, first aid treatment, specific directions, other information as requested.)
  5. Direction of EMS to scene (Control Person)
    1. Designate individual to “flag down” EMS and direct to scene Open appropriate Doors.
    2. Scene Control: Limit scene to First Aid providers, and move bystanders away from area.