Championship Snacks and Apparel

Sugar and Spike - the Official Store of 4A Provincials

Sugar and Spike

Whether you’re feeling famished or fashionable, Sugar and Spike has you covered! Come visit our concession on the main stage at Charles Spencer High School. We’d be happy to load you up with the official swag and snacks of the Tournament.

All of our prices INCLUDE tax, so what you see here is what you pay there!

Price List

Swag Price
Sunglasses $8
Lanyards $4
Water Bottles $9
Official Tournament Hoodies $45
Long-Sleeve Volleyball Shirts $30
Snacks Price
Energy Drinks $2.75
Energy Bars $1.50
Soft Drinks $1.00
Candy Bags $2.00
Fresh Fruit $1.00
Muffins $2.00
Coffee/Tea $1.00

If certain apparel items sell out, you can order them online by clicking the link below.

Click here to order