The ASAA Pay it Forward scholarship applications are available now.

The Alberta Milk - ASAA Scholarship applications are available now.

The ASAA Michael Vaughan Spirit of Sportsmanship Scholarship applications are available now.

Alberta Milk - ASAA Scholarship
The Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association is proud to support the Alberta Milk-ASAA Scholarship.
Number of scholarships available:
Maximum of one female
Maximum of one male

Value of scholarship: $1,000 Per Winner

Click Here For Application

Applicant must be planning to attend a post-secondary institution in Canada.


  1. Receive a letter of reference from a teacher
  2. Receive a reference letter from somebody in the sports community
  3. Create a resume highlighting your volunteer and sports accomplishments (two pages max)
  4. Write an essay exploring what sports and healthy eating mean to you (max 500 words)
  5. Submit this is all on the application linked above


  • Grade 12 students going into a post-secondary program
  • Students must be registered at an ASAA member School
  • Students must participate in athletic activities

April 29th

Alberta Milk Scholarship Winners
2021-2022 Ashton Dzeryk Bow Valley High School South Central
2021-2022 Quynn Kuzyk Cochrane High School South Central

ASAA Pay it Forward Scholarship
Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association (ASAA) is pleased to announce the annual “Pay it Forward” scholarship offered to deserving student-athletes in Alberta. Scholarship applications will be submitted to the ASAA office for adjudication. There will be one recipient (male or female) selected from each of the eight zones to receive a $500 scholarship (two will be selected from Calgary and Edmonton zones due to significantly higher populations) for a total of 10 scholarships awarded on an annual basis.

Application deadline: April 29th

Consideration will be given for nonparticipation due to Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions.

To submit an application use the drop down menu located on the left side of the page and go to the Pay it Forward tab.

ASAA Michael Vaughan “Spirit of Sportsmanship” Scholarship
Criteria for Scholarship:
Applicants for the Michael Vaughan Spirit of Sport Scholarship must:
  • Be a Grade 12 student at an ASAA member school
  • Participate in multiple activities as an athlete (one sport must be an ASAA sport)
  • Have applied and been accepted to a qualified post-secondary institution for the upcoming school year.
  • Exhibit outstanding character, be a total team player by exhibiting behaviour that demonstrates putting their teammates before themselves, demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship during their athletic career and serve as a role model for all students at their high school.
  • Display evidence in enhancing culture, building community, and providing leadership through their actions with sport.

Application Requirements:

1.Submission of Application Form which includes:

a)Outline of involvement in athletics
b)Outline how servant leadership has played a role in your athletic career
c)Written submission on three questions (max 500 words each):

  • What impact has your involvement in school sport had on you and on the school community?
  • Reflecting on what you have learned throughout your athletic career in school sport, what impact do you hope to have in the future as you move into adulthood?
  • How have you demonstrated the “Spirit of Sport” through your ASAA athletic career?

2.Letter of Reference/Support (Maximum 2)
a)at least one from a teacher/coach directly involved in your sport, and another as a character reference. Cannot be a family member - must be a school staff member or school coach.
b)Letters of reference submitted must provide evidence of participation in sport, personal development, and show evidence of the student displaying the characteristics outlined in #4 & #5 of the Criteria.

Application deadline is April 29th

To submit your application, please click here

Michael Vaughan Scholarship Winner
2022-2023 Faith Donovan Assumption Jr/Sr High North East