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Deadline for Notice of Motion Submission - April 1st

Do you want to see any ASAA policies change going into the 2021-2022 school year? Then now is your chance to make that change happen.

ASAA policy change happens by way of Notices of Motion (NoM). If you would like to submit a notice of motion please click here to review guidelines on how to submit and access the form.

The deadline to submit a Notice of Motion is April 1st, 2021.

February Event Calendar

February event calendar can be viewed here for upcoming events.

Click Here to view the full Event Calendar.

Please note due to Covid-19 some events may have been altered and are nto reflected on the current event calendars.

Closing of website is closing at 6pm on Feb 3, 2021.


Coaches do not need to obtain any course completion certificates from
Certificates will NOT be used for coach registration with the ASAA or any other organization.
See full information on flyer provided.

Cancellation of ASAA Rural & Provincial Wrestling Championships

Please see the attached memo from ASAA Executive Director regarding the 2021 Rural & Provincial Wrestling Championships.

January Calendar

For the complete events calendar click HERE.


Alberta Interscholastic Athletic Administrative Association

Enhancing and preserving the educational value of interscholastic athletics.

Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Member School Sponsorship Templates

Increasing the level of service to our key partners, our member schools.

Member School Sponsorship Templates