2018 Hall of Fame


  • Danielle Lappage

    Danielle feels that high school athletics had a huge impact on her accomplishments and who she is today. The sport of wrestling in particular has shaped her character and provided her with tremendous experiences. If she was not exposed to the sport in her high school years, many experiences, lessons, and personal growth would not have happened. She feels that you need the opportunity to utilize potential before you can ever achieve anything, and thanks Olds High School for providing her with the wonderful opportunity of joining such a wonderful sport. She has traveled the world, and met some of the most amazing people though sport and attributes all that she created, stems from the opportunities and experiences provided through high school sport.
    Some of Danielle’s most fond memories include the van trips with her team en route to games/ tournaments. She feels that high school sports created the most memorable and fun moments of her high school experience. Also that sport develops character in a powerful and uniqueway. It’s a fun and healthy way to stay active. It develops and cultivates life-changing bonds with other people (teammates, opponents, coaches, etc).
    She continues to be involved in sport because of the huge, positive impact sport has on young people. During a time where peer pressure and insecurities are powerful and destructive, sport gives young people the discipline and confidence to be true to themselves and to grow and strengthen both mentally and physically. Sport provides the biggest learning and growing opportunitiesin school. Sport teaches lessons that are long-lasting, which out live any lesson taught in the classroom. It positively develops and strengthens character, and teaches life lessons. It develops and fosters social bonds and friendships. It provides unique opportunities for travel, education, learning and growing. Sport develops strong, confident, change-makers.
    Danielle feels extremely proud and honoured to receive this award. When she competes, she still feels pride representing her province, her town, and her high school because of all of the support she continues to receive. Her high school teachers and coaches continuous support throughout and after high school is a big reason for feeling such pride.


  • Erin Martin

    When asked why she coaches, Erin stated “I think about it … high school coach … position of power and influence .. .it seemed like a good fit. Me, loaded with all that wisdom; them, a captive audience of young naive minds just waiting to be molded (evil laugh).” Erin has always loved sports and had such positive experiences with volleyball on post secondary teams that she felt she would love to share that experience.
    When describing her secret to successful coaching, Erin said, “Red wine, Birkenstocks and socks, and having the good luck to find the most incredible athletes in my gym! That, and an overly developed competitive nature.” She believes that learning to be a team player is a virtue that umbrellas and leads to the acquisition of so many other values. Specifically, teaching student athletes how to get along with others, to properly communicate, to respect and accept diversity. To teach them to have the confidence to meet challenges and to be determined in problem solving and help student athletes to grow an understanding that sometimes there are things that are more important than self; that giving and helping others succeed makes us all better.
    Reflecting on her fondest memories, Erin stated, “I will remember all the winning! This is what we won: a quiet little gal getting her first big kill, satisfaction of completing a drill correctly for the first time, receiving sportsmanship awards, life-long friendships formed, outrageous fundraising activities, we learned so very many things, acquired so many skills, a dig so incredibly amazing they are still raving about it today, the discipline and the Royals pride, taking home a medal, always having the neatest team bench, the zany madcap fun of team building, playing the best we ever could as a team, appreciating the quirky characters, being thanked after every practice, working together to overcome adversity, and all the smiles”.
    During her time coaching, Erin hopes to have shared her passion: the love of sport and the joy of being physically active. She wishes everyone could feel the euphoria of corning together in the middle of a court, embracing in excitement knowing they just reached a goal and accomplished something great together as a team. She also hopes to have shared a few good laughs.
    Through ASAA, Erin feels she has been able to grow as a coach and as a person. She is extremely grateful to Scott, Myles and “their cronies” who put forth her nomination. She feels blessed to have a husband and family who not only supported her, but understood the value of what she was doing and were a part of her journey every step. Thank you Royals, you have made it all worthwhile.


  • John Bauer

    John has always been an active individual, participating in all sports when he attended high school. When he was teaching, he decided he wanted to give back. He has refereed volleyball for 43 years and basketball for 25 years. He has enjoyed seeing the game of volleyball evolve into the fantastic sport it is today and he’s happy to see the effort that young athletes display in making spectacular plays.
    He tries to provide an unbiased playing field and make the same calls on the same kind of play whether it is early in the match or at a crucial place near the end of the match. He strives to enforce the rules of the game; so that the safety of all participants occurs.
    His greatest memory was the 3A Boys Basketball final in Sherwood Park in 1989. The game was so intense and went back and forth finally going into ovetime. The crowd was extremely vocal and totally into the game. He has always enjoyed attending ASAA Provincial Championships which he has done over 40 times.
    He feels that officials are the third team on the court without whom the game would not happen; That great officials have the ability to communicate at all levels, players, coaches and fellow officials. Great officials also understand the rules and know how to apply them in all situations. They have the responsibility to create a fair and safe environment and know when you have to put all aside and make the tough calls regardless of the outcome.
    John feels very honored to receive this very special award amongst so many great candidates dedicating their time to officiating high school athletics. He will always cherish his memories as an official and would like to thank the ASAA for this award.