Principal and Student Acknowledgement Forms

At the 2016 AGM, the following proposed Notice of Motion was voted on and passed:

The principal of each school shall be responsible for the eligibility of the school’s competitors for any competition. The following rules regarding eligibility will apply to all ASAA sponsored activities.

  1. School Eligibility
    1. The Principal will require each student and their guardian to complete and sign an Acknowledgement and Agreement Form confirming that all required parties are aware of ASAA Bylaws and Policies; will accept that any application for a review of an outcome of an appeal process of the ASAA or the respective zone by a Judge in a court of law must be brought by the administration of the school and not by the student/guardian. These forms must be completed and kept on file, with copies being provided to the ASAA only if requested, and for a reasonable purpose.
    2. The Principal of each school will sign an Acknowledgement and Agreement Form which: confirms their membership in the ASAA; that school coaches will abide by ASAA Bylaws and Policies; that membership in that school’s zone and the ASAA is a privilege, not a right; that the outcome of any appeal process of the ASAA or zone is final and binding on the administration of the school; that violation of Bylaws or Policies of the zone or ASAA or the Acknowledgement and Agreement Form may be cause for expulsion of the school from the zone or the ASAA.

Please note:

  • Schools are responsible to keep all Student/Guardian Acknowledgement Forms.

  • Principal Acknowledgement Forms must be signed and sent to the Zone Secretary.

  • Each student only needs to sign one copy of the Student/Guardian Acknowledgement Form for their high school athletic career. If a student changes schools and/or guardianship, then a new form must be completed.

  • Schools are responsible for updating the year on both forms to reflect the current school year