The rules governing badminton shall be the laws of badminton as adopted by the Badminton World Federation and Badminton Canada.

  1. Intervals: A 1 minute interval is allowed during each game once one side reaches 11 points. The athlete is not allowed to leave the court.
  2. Coaching: Coaching will be allowed after the first set for one full minute and after the second set for two full minutes. During which time neither the coach nor the athlete may leave the court. (Note: Sufficient water and extra racquets should be with the player on court at the start of the match.)


There must be a qualified Badminton Alberta official present at every championship.

Season of Play

The season of play for badminton shall be January 3 to the provincial championships on the first Friday and Saturday in May. The season of play is not intended to include July and August. See SECTION V - ACTIVITIES, 3, for more information.

*Covid-19 changes to the season of play can be found under Covid-19 updates.


  1. Dress Code: Athletes must compete in a uniform that distinguishes their school or zone. Uniforms contrary to this rule will be considered illegal. When playing doubles, the uniforms shall match. Clothing with offensive language or symbols will not be allowed. Shorts should be worn during play. No hats or dew rags shall be worn during competition or warm-up. The venue coordinator will instruct player(s) to change if not in compliance with the dress code.
  2. Official Shuttle: The brand of badminton shuttle to be used at the ASAA provincial competition shall be the Yonex Mavis 300.

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