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The playing rules used by the ASAA football shall be those endorsed by the Canadian Amateur Football Association.
Note: Schools and leagues are responsible for complying with the safety standards regarding equipment. These standards are stipulated in Rule 1, Section 11, Uniforms and Equipment, Articles 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Canadian Amateur Football Rulebook.

6-a-side Football

6-a-side football shall be an official variation of 12-a-side football.
The rules for 12-a-side football established by Canadian Amateur Football Association will apply to 6-a-side, with the following exceptions:

  • Kick-off takes place from the 40 yard line (no matter the length of the field)
  • Time: 12 minute stop time quarters, at no point will the games move to straight time
  • Conversion points are reversed from 12 man Football
    • Kicked conversion - 2 points
    • Pass or run - 1 point
  • Only the middle of the three linemen is ineligible each play. If four men are down, both inside linesmen are ineligible (numbers are irrelevant)
  • Three linesmen must be set for one second before the ball is snapped (not necessarily in the three point stance)
  • In all other ways, 6-a-side football follows the rules for 12-a-side tackle football and is governed by all the above stated policies included in Section XIII of the handbook.

Grade 9 students

  • In 6-a-side football, onsite grade 9 students in member schools are eligible to participate on 1A and 2A school teams.


Each team participating in provincial playoffs will be charged an entry fee as follows: teams are charged $325 for their first game; teams are charged an additional $175 for their second game; teams are charged an additional $100 for their third game. The entry fee will cover:

  • Officials’ game fees, travel, accommodations and meals for all provincial quarter, semi and final games.
  • Snow removal contingency annual allocation of $1,000. Any unused funds will go to the snow removal contingency fund; available to partially or fully support financial losses incurred as a result of snow removal costs. Hosts wishing to request snow removal reimbursement must submit their financials and requests by January 30 of the following calendar year in order to be considered
  • Any funds left over will go into an Official Contingency Fund to cover any shortfalls resulting from the costs noted in (i) above.

All provincial playoff games will use six officials. The ASAA, through the Football Commissioner and Football Alberta’s Vice President-Officials, will determine the officials for all three rounds.

The ASAA will cover the officials’ fees and officials’ transportation costs for all three rounds of Provincial play.

Season of Play

The season of play for football shall be May 1 to the ASAA provincial championship to be held no later than the fourth Saturday in November and the preceding Friday night. The season of play is not intended to include July and August. Teams may begin practice in the fall, starting August 16. See SECTION V - ACTIVITIES, Item 3, for more information.

In the sport of football, high school students will not be eligible for high school football if they participate on a community (ie. midget) football team that overlaps ASAA season of play and which does not follow the policies outlined below:

  • Only sixty percent (60%) of a midget team’s players can be enrolled in one particular high school team. For clarity, sixty percent (60%) quota applies to Grade 10 and 11 players from any particular high school football team. This applies to midget teams that ASAA eligible student athletes participate on immediately prior to the ASAA football season of play in the spring.
  • Reporting - zone secretaries will be responsible for getting the rosters of the midget teams in their area, that will list the names of the athletes and what high school football team they play for. Zone secretaries will then report to the ASAA if there are any teams/players not adhering to the above rules.
  • Penalty - Any school team that is in violation of these rules will be deemed ineligible to play in any ASAA sanctioned high school football match.

Note: The above policy does not apply to Girls Only Spring Tackle League


Jerseys: It is the responsibility of the visiting team to ensure that there is not a conflict regarding similar jersey colour (i.e. primary and base colours the same). In order to do this, the visiting team will contact the host team by Monday prior to the game to enquire about team jersey colour. In the event of a conflict, the visiting team is responsible for wearing another set of jerseys.

Signal Devices: Players are prohibited from being equipped with any electronic, mechanical or other signal devices for the purposes of communication with any source. (Exception: A medically prescribed hearing aid of the sound-amplification type for hearing-impaired players.) Penalty: 15 yards and disqualification of the player. Penalize as a dead-ball foul at the succeeding spot.

Time Clock: All host teams for provincial playoffs must provide an electronic time clock on site that is visible to both teams.

Official Ball:
Both teams will supply the referees up to three balls (minimum three) and the referees will choose three balls from those provided to be used as the game balls.


Rankings are only done for Tier I - Brian Fryer. Please see here for more information.

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