Registered Basketball Teams


The playing rules governing basketball shall be the rules adopted by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), with the following modifications:

  • NCAA numbers also recognized as legal (i.e., 0-3, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45, 50-55)
  • No more than 15 team members are eligible to play (FIBA states the number to be 12).
  • 10-minute half-time permitted (FIBA states 15 minutes).
  • All offensive rebounds of a live ball will reset to 24 seconds (FIBA states 14 sec.).
    • Note: ASAA does adhere to the FIBA rule that offensive team throw-ins in the
      frontcourt that are the result of a NEW offensive possession reset to 14 seconds (i.e.:
      missed shot goes out of bounds without any team establishing control, after a turnover,
      advancing the ball to the frontcourt after a time-out with 2:00 minutes or less remaining
      in the 4th quarter or overtime, after any Unsportsmanlike Foul).
    • Also note: ASAA adheres to the FIBA rule of a 24 sec. shot clock reset on defensive
  • The ASAA maintains the use of the NCAA 3-point line at 6.32m. ( FIBA is 6.75m)
  • The ASAA does NOT adopt the use of the FIBA no-charge circle.
  • The standard key that will be used at ASAA Provincial Championship level will be the
    FIBA block key. (For other games, gyms without these markings will use the key that is
    painted on the floor.) Taping the correct key onto the floor is permitted
  • Athletes of one gender must compete for a school team of athletes of the same gender.


The Alberta Basketball Officials Association (ABOA) is recognized to provide officials for provincial competitions.

Arrangements for officials at all provincial competitions shall be made by the Executive Director and/or appointees of the ASAA Executive in cooperation with the ABOA.

Season of Play

The season of play for basketball shall be November 1 to the provincial championships on the third weekend in March. See SECTION V - ACTIVITIES, Item 3 for more information


The official basketball to be used for ASAA Basketball Provincial shall be either the Spalding Top Flite 1000 or TF1000 ZKPro, size 7 (boys) and size 6 (girls).

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