Rural Wrestling


The rules shall be those of the Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) with the exceptions being those specifically adopted by the ASAA:
All wrestlers competing in an ASAA sanctioned event have the option of wearing a mouth guard or not. If during competition the mouth guard comes out, it may be replaced at an appropriate time at the official’s discretion.
Wrestlers are required to wear a red or blue singlet for ASAA rural championship and provincial championship events asper the requirements in the WCL rulebook for a national championship. As exceptions to this rule, the ASAA allows a school team to wear a singlet of school colour(s) which may or may not display a school logo and/or name. Also, the ASAA will allow the new two-piece uniform, which may or may not include a United World Wrestling (UWW) logo or emblem or in particular situations, competitors may wear athletic short or leggings of matching colour over the singlet or close-fitting long-sleeve shirt and leggings of matching colour or black under the singlet. Also athletes are permitted to wear a sport hijab also black or matching colour . All permitted items must be free of metal or plastic fastenings and free of pockets. Aside from these exceptions, the ASAA does not allow any club logos or colours, provincial and/or national logos and/or emblems on singlets or warm-ups to be worn.
Illegal Moves: The following are illegal moves in ASAA Wrestling and are not permitted:
Full Nelson

West Point Ride (T-Bar)

Full Suplay, Front Suplay, Front Salto, Standing Firemans’ Carry and throws initiated by a back bending motion where grand amplitude points are awarded.
The penalty for performing illegal moves in (i-iii.) shall be disqualification from the match and tournament.
One person, in addition to the coach, may be in the corner up to a maximum of two people during competition. These may comprise any combination of coach, trainer, photographer or videographer. For purposes of challenges coach in the chair will be deemed “head coach” to throw in signal and explain point of challenge.
Note: Coaching includes shouting at or calling encouragement to the athletes. Coach apparel should be neat and tidy in appearance. Any team apparel must represent high school teams or zones not clubs.
A list of the rule deviations adopted by the ASAA shall be given to the head official in advance of the meet.


Protest procedures and resultant consequences will follow the WCL on mat protocol. An iPad (or similiar device) will be used to review any on mat protest. The AAWOA will provide the technology and tripod, as necessary, to host venues for the wrestling rural and provincial finals events.


There shall be a minimum of two nationally ranked officials per -competition surface. From the cross-over wrestle-back portion of the event until the completion of each weight class there shall be a minimum of three officials assigned to each mat surface. All officials must be assigned through the Alberta Amateur -Wrestling Officials’ -Association

Season of Play

The season of play for wrestling shall be October 22 to the conclusion of the ASAA provincial championship. The season of play is not intended to include July and August. See SECTION V - ACTIVITIES, Item 3, for more information

*Covid-19 changes to the season of play can be found under Covid-19 updates.

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