Team Handball

Registered Team Handball Teams


The playing rules used by ASAA shall be those endorsed by the International Handball Federation (IHF), with the following modifications:

  • Players are not permitted to use Stickum during any competitions.
  • Appeal Procedure
    • If a school team wishes to appeal a match, such appeal must be written on the appropriate score sheet within 10 minutes of the conclusion of the match. The scorekeeper will then hand it in to the supervisor of the tournament or league.
    • The decision of the appeal will be made public one hour prior to the next match in the tournament or 24 hours in league play, to the team of the player or official involved.
    • Decisions are final; cases that are denied for appeal cannot be reopened.
    • Matches cannot be appealed due to court lines or jersey numbers.
  • Any disqualification due to a direct red card (this does not include a player being issued a red card as a reult of 3 two minute penalties) should go to the Disciplinary/Grievance Committee for a decision


Each team participating in team handball provincials will pay an entry fee to cover the costs of the tournament.

The ASAA will work with the ATHF to provide officials for the provincial tournament.

All provincial championship games will use two referees.

Season of Play

The season of play for team handball shall be February 15 to the Provincial Championships on the 2nd weekend of May. See SECTION V -ACTIVITIES, Item 3, for more information.

*Covid-19 changes to the season of play can be found under Covid-19 updates.


Uniforms: Uniforms and protective equipment must conform to IHF rules and regulations. All players are expected to dress in team uniforms that are consistent with school colors; no club insignia shall be permitted. The goalkeeper must wear colors that distinguish them from the court players of both teams and the goalkeeper of the other team. No duplication of numbers is allowed.

Official Ball: The official game ball will be an Alberta Team Handball Federation approved size 2 (boys) and size 1 (girls).

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