Cross Country


  • Athletes will not be permitted to wear and/or use any form of audio device while competing.
  • The meet shall be run in accordance with the track & field rules as published by the IAAF.
  • The appeal committee for cross country provincials will be decided at the coaches meeting prior to the competition. Each zone coach will be eligible to sit on this committee. Three of the zone coaches will be chosen by the race director to sit on the appeal committee. Those chosen will be announced at the coaches meeting before the competition. In case any of the original three zone coaches are in a conflict of interest (having an athlete from their school involved in the appeal), the remaining five coaches will be alternates and will be chosen by the race director based on availability. The Commissioner will chair this committee and will not vote.

Season of Play

The season of play for cross country shall be May 1 to the provincial championship on the third Saturday in October. The season of play is not intended to include July and August. Practice in the fall may begin August 16. See SECTION V - ACTIVITIES, Item 3, for more information.

*Covid-19 changes to the season of play can be found under Covid-19 updates.

Para Cross Country

Students competing in this race will need to be registered through their zones. More information is available on the Para Cross Country section of our website, or by e-mailing

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