Awards and Recognition

Unified Sports Leader In Inclusion Scholarship

Four Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who participate in Unified Sports and demonstrate leadership in creating an inclusive environment in their school. The successful applicants will be selected by a committe made up of Alberta Schools’ Athletic Assocaition (ASAA) and Special Olympics Alberta (SO Alberta) representatives

Application Deadline:

Students are invited to submit their applications for this scholarship by June 30th at Midnight annually.

Eligible Students:

Graduating grade 12 students who will be attending a post- secondary institution in Canada. Applicants must have participated in Unified Sports event; preference will be given to applicants who have participated in multiple Unified Sports events throughout their entire high school career.

Scholarship Amount:

4 x $500 Scholarships to be distributed geographically as follows:

  • 1x Edmonton
  • 1x Calgary
  • 2x Anywhere else in the province of Alberta; preference will be given to students in rural communities

-Note: Scholarships may be redistributed at the discretion of the Committee if not eligible applications are received from an area noted above

Required Documents:

All applications will be required to fill out an application and submit the following: (1x) Letter of Support, (1x) Essay, (1x) Video, (1x) Signed Release for each person in the video, (1x) Headshot of the Application.

  • Application Form: Found on the Unified Sports section of the ASAA website. The Application For includes space to submit the Letter of Support, Essay, and link to your Video
  • Letter of Support: From a teacher, coach, or administrator at the Applicant’s school
  • Essay: Written by the Applicant; 500-1000 words and may include pictures. The essay must focus on the following:
    • The Applicant’s involvement in Unified Sports in a leadership capacity
    • The impact participating in Unified Sports has had on the Applicant’s high school experience
    • How the Applicant intends to continue with Unified Sports OR Special Olympics after graduating high school
  • Video: Two minutes max that must support the Applicant’s essay. The video may include pictures, interviews, clips from Unfiied Sports events, etc. We encourage all applicants to be creative with their video submissions
  • Signed Release Form: which will be posted on the ASAA website in the upcoming months
  • Headshots: Of the Applicant; successful applicants’ headshots will be used when the recipients are announced

The letter of support essay, adn Video should be submitted using the online PDF found in the Unified Sports sections of the ASAA website. If you require more room than what is allowed on the form, please attach it as a separate document with your application.
Please submit all completed applications to Emily Lines via email at

Year Name School Zone
2022-2023 Erik Richardson Crescent Heights High School Calgary
2022-2023 Paige Humphrey Eckville Sr. High Central
2021-2022 Dylan Sims Bellerose Composite High School Edmonton Metro
2021-2022 Keitha McFadden Archbishop O’Leary High School Edmonton Metro
2020-2021 Emma Rockwell Bert Church South Central
2020-2021 Chiara Raguso Notre Dame Calgary
2020-2021 Erin Walker Cold Lake High School North East
2020-2021 Nicholas Morimanno Archbishop O’Leary Edmonton Metro
2019-2020 Derian Ward Bellerose Edmonton Metro
2019-2020 Danielle Roshko Archbishop O’Leary Edmonton Metro
2018-2019 Alia Nielsen Delia School South Central
2018-2019 Richar Nganzi Archbishop O’Leary Edmonton Metro
2018-2019 Kaia Ntwari Cochrane High South Central

Unified School Award


Each year at the Annual Awards Luncheon, Special Olympics Alberta awards a school that has been outstanding in the promotion of Unified Sports over the last school year. The award is based on sportsmanship and full-school engagement throughout the school year and at Unified Events.


  • All team members are given the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to every game/event
  • Leadership skills are demonstrated by both teammates and coaches

Full School Engagement:

  • Unified Sports teams are supported and celebrated within the school
  • School spirit is demonstrated at all games/events
  • Unified teams within the school engage in practices leading up to each event
  • Opportunities and adaptations are used to create a welcoming atmosphere for any student to get involved
Year: School: Zone:
2020-2021 Notre Dame Calgary
2019-2020 Metro Athletics Edmonton Metro
2018-2019 Cold Lake High School North East
2017-2018 Cochrane High South Central
2016-2017 Bert Church South Central
2015-2016 Lester B. Pearson Calgary