Unified Bean Bag Toss

Unified Bean Bag Toss


All Unified Sports teams are made up of Athletes and Partners. Bean Bag Toss or Baggo will be played in either two person teams (one athlete and one partner) or four person teams (two atheletes and two partners).


  • Distance from board: 20 Feet
  • Each team plays with four bean bags
  • Opponents alternate tosses until all eight bags are thrown
  • The last team to score on the previous round tosses first in the next round
  • If interference occurs, the toss can be re-done
  • Opponents may call “Foot Foul” if a player is stepping over the playing line
    • The players may not stand in front of the front edge of their opponent’s board
  • The losing ream has the choice of sides fro the next game
  • Players should not try to block or distract their opponents
  • Players must throw underhand


  • The winner is the first team to 21 points or more
  • Scoring is determined as follows:
    • Three points are awarded for each bad in the hole (That is called a BAGGO)
    • One point is awarded for each bag on the board
    • Total round score is then determined by the difference in the team totals
  • If a bag is pushed in by another bag, it counts as a BAGGO
  • The game is over if the schore reaches 11 - 0
  • If a bag touches the ground or is tossed our of turn, it does not count
  • EXAMPLE: After one round of eight bags played: Team #1 has 1 bag in the hole (3 points) and Team #2 has one bag on the board (1 point). The total round schore will be two points awarded to Team #1.

If you are interested in hosting a Bean Bag Toss event at your school or if you have any questions please contact Emily via email at emily@asaa.ca or over phone at 587-404-9358